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A simple, gentle and profound way to receive the healing and experience of herbs is to sleep on them. In this way the mind and body absorb the powers of the herbs during sleep, the time when physical and mental rejuvenation and restructuring are taking place. 


Our organic herbal, comfort, dream pillow has been created with the intention of promoting physical and emotional well-being through the inhalation of scented herbs.


LaScentsationals' herb eye and sleep pillows are made with intention for their effect on your emotions and body.


The olfaction process is how you smell. Scent enters the body in less than one second and travels to the pituitary and hypothalamus to tell your body how to respond to a situation. It will help to relax or stimulate. This message is then sent to the rest of the body via the nervous system. Scent actually dictates how we taste. It is the only sense that does not have to go through the digestive tract or spinal cord to be processed. It immediately goes to the brain and elicits a response.


Made in the USA!!!